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Crossing is new digital solution to reduce a cost of job board service in local hiring market and then finds much suitable applicant. Free initial cost, monthly flat cost and anytime can be cancelled. Service providing country: America, Canada, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, India

Crossing is the power of digital to solve many challenges related to overseas recruiting

Job seekers do not understand company’s business

Job seekers usually apply after seeing the limited information which is posted on the recruiting medias. However, since they do not know well about the local corporation’s business and services because it have not been transmitted well, the mismatches in the interview frequently occur.

Not able to utilize SNS for recruitment

In recent years, mainly in Southeast Asia, the time spent on smartphone and SNS by job seekers has increased, so recruiting using SNS has become an urgent task. However, the recruitment department is busy with the existing work so the SNS recruiting has still not been executed.

Not able to support remote hiring

Due to the influence of the new coronavirus, face-to-face interview will become more difficult in the future and recruiting remotely using chat and online calling is essential, but this tool have still not been developed.

Features Crossing

Introducing main features

1. Automatically creating job page

Job page which is compatible with smartphone can be automatically created and embedded in your corporate website as optional.

Create a simple job board

Complete all your work right on the website Without any special skills

Smartphone compatible

Compatible with PC/smartphone display as standard

No server domain required

Crossing standard servers and domains available

Embedded corporate site

As an option, you can also include a job page within your corporate site

2. Job posting and SNS transferring

Latest recruitment information is effectively displayed on the created job page. You can easily connect Facebook and LinkedIn to share information with just 1 click.

Job posting

Just entering the required items on a simple management screen

Transfer to SNS by one check

Automatically transferred to Facebook and LinkedIn ※We intend to expand interacted SNS in the future

Also posted on Pasona Group's SNS

Able to transfer to Pasona Group's SNS page and site which has hundreds of thousands registration by job seekers

3. Hiring process management

Visualize the progress of recruitment such as application, interview, and offer notifying. The Calendar feature will help automate the complicated interview arrangements.

Candidate management

Listing applicants by job requirements and checking progress

Candidate searching

Searching old candidate by using candidate’s information such as name and phone number

Interview time arranging

Semi-automatically arranging interview time with candidate using the calendar function

4. Chat and Online interview

Support remote work. Creating a safe interview environment with candidates who lives overseas regardless of location.


Efficiently discussing by chat to interact with candidates who have time lag when using email

Online interview

Conducting interview with candidates who living abroad, other localities or those who are restricted from going out due to the effects of corona virus

Remote work support

Crossing is fully functional for using at home or outside

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